Our Hotline

What to expect when calling our hotline

Get connected with resources to help all tenants. Operators will answer Wednesday – Sunday 10am-2pm and then 5pm-9pm, but we’re always checking the voicemail. If you are contacting us with an urgent matter someone will get back to you within hours, especially if it has to do with an illegal lockout or eviction attempt.

What Our Hotline Operators Can Provide

Legal Aid

CTM can connect you with legal aid from lawyers who specialize in housing and tenant rights. It’s free for most people.

Mutual Aid

Let us connect you with a mutual aid network near you. Tenants who are facing housing insecurity are probably facing other challenges. Mutual aid can help tackle those challenges

Tenant Organizing

Build connections with your neighbors, protect each other by negotiating with your landlord as a group. Learn how from experienced organizers in your part of the city at one of our weekly tenant organizing calls.

Community Defense

Our community defense network can respond to lockouts, which are illegal. If you are facing a utility shutoff or being barred access to your home, CTM can mobilize a network of trained volunteers and lawyers to assist.