Chicago Tenants Movement

Chicago Tenants Movement is a collaborative network of tenant organizations and housing organizers from across the city working to keep our neighbors in their homes and build tenant power for the long haul. Call us at 773-657-8700 or fill out our form to get connected with our organizers!

We help renters build democratic tenant unions that act as mutual aid and solidarity networks between neighbors. These unions are our best defense against undignified living conditions, utility shut offs, rent hikes, and evictions.

Organize with your neighbors

Organizing with your neighbors is an essential step to winning a deal with your landlord. We’re here to get you started.

Call our hotline

Hotline operators can help connect tenants to…

  • Weekly casework meetings with tenant organizers
  • Legal aid (if you’ve received an eviction notice or filing)
  • Local mutual aid networks

Operating hours

Wednesday – Sunday10 AM – 2 PM5 PM – 9 PM

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